1 Brilliant Way to Keep Gravy Warm for Hours

It’s gravy time. After all, with the Holidays pretty much right here, it’s gravy central. How do you keep the stuff warm, smooth and fresh when you have so much food prep, cooking, and everything else in between to get accomplished? The easiest, simplest way, you ask? Use a coffee carafe or for a better word, a thermos. You use a thermos for Pete’s sake! Your gravy will stay warm and at the perfect consistency for hours, ready to be poured in a gravy boat when it’s time to eat.

While the video below from America’s Test Kitchen is a Thanksgiving-themed video, this coffee carafe gravy business can be applied to any Holiday, family get-together, reunion, or anywhere there’s gravy. It’s easy enough, too. You simply warm up the thermos with hot tap water, and allow it to sit for a couple of minutes. Then, pour out the water, ladle your gravy in the carafe, and pop on the lid to seal in the heat.

Your gravy will stay warm for hours. So it’s perfect to get it out of the way in the beginning of your festivities. No more thick, gelatinous gravy that you have to continuously reheat. Nope, you’ll have perfectly smooth and creamy gravy at the perfect temperature and consistency.

Now, let’s eat.

Photo by: Glory Foods | Flickr

1 Brilliant Way to Keep Gravy Warm for Hours