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You have to manually advance in different cycles

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Bottom icemaker not working. Fridge runs great and upper icemaker in door works great. Have replaced main control board (unrelated to icemaker), 2 different icemakers, and a water valve. Icemaker won’t even turn fingers to flip out ice. I put a bit of water in the icemaker to see if it was valve or icemaker and still no ice flipped out.

Need to resolve ASAP because fridge is taking up space at store and can’t be sold until icemaker issue is sorted.

  • thatguy714 asked 1 month ago
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Need to know how to dissemble icemaker compartment to install evaporator Kit 5303918444.

  • hdde asked 1 month ago
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No matter where the control is set it freezes every thing.
How do I test this unit?
I need a service manual and tech sheet and any advice you can give

  • Pancakes asked 2 months ago
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I have a Samsung top loading washer model WA52M7750AV. When plugged in I can hear a relay click, and when I hit the power button I hear another relay click, but get nothing on the display boards.

While the power is connected on green led on the system board flashes every 3 seconds regardless if the power button has been pressed
Another led on the system board flashes 3 times after the power button is pressed and then never again.

Is the system board bad, or is one or both of the display/input boards bad?


  • moranbf asked 2 months ago
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I am troubleshooting a no LED light issue on this unit, All the LEDs work except the 5 on the roof of the refrigerator. The schematic shows that the 5 fridge roof LED’s are divided into 2 series circuits, 3 in one series and 2 in the other going back to the LED Driver board for the DC source. Both of these strings are not working, I have diagnosed that the LED Driver board is partially defective .

The problem is, it is not shown in any service literature, ANYWHERE. The visual shows it is located next to the control board along with the power supply, The only part shown in the exploded diagram is the Control board itself, Whirlpool W11161172. If you do a parts list search for LED Driver, it does not generate any hits. I am at a loss, I have check multiple sources including the Factory SM with no luck.

I need the part number for the LED Driver Board! Why is it not shown or listed anywhere? I wasted 2 hours looking!!!

Thanks 🙂
609 418 0278

  • thosk1051 asked 2 months ago
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There is a grinding noise during agitation. I have cycled through the service mode and in agitation cycle there is grinding noise.

What part or parts do I need to order to fix this before it becomes a bigger problem.


  • Rjewell74 asked 2 months ago
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I recieving an error code F dy and cannot find what it means or is referring to

  • mikjanes asked 2 months ago
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Fridge has power, compressor running, condenser fan running, lights and front controls work. No cooling in fridge or freezer. Evaporator fans not running. Suction and discharge lines are not hot or cold. Fridge is new but just stopped cooling. Not sure what to do next. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

  • ScottSpin asked 2 months ago
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Finding plastic pieces in tub when cycle is finished. Took agitator out, looks ok, no pieces come from it. Seems as if inner tub has a little play in it. This may be causing the excessive shaking. I don’t see any pieces broke off of top cover. I would say that’s where the pieces are coming from. The washer is only 3yrs old. have there been issues with loose parts or suspension troubles, or balance problems???? Put the washer in spin with no clothes in it, and it was shaking too much, and did bang slightly.

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While trying to heat over, a low bang noise then no gas. No gas at stove top and no oven. Is this some kind of safety shut down. Or is this a problem at.the.propane tank?

  • Pez asked 3 months ago
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went to back of range element tested bad, removed the 4 screws seperated the insulation tried pull in on the element and it move back a inch or so, i know it has slide tabs in front on the bar. is there a release that im missing or do you have to give it a good pull and lift up or down. im at a cross roads



  • al asked 3 months ago
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Washer stops mid cycle with a load in but complete cycle without a load.

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The display will change almost by the minute.
It can be programmed and used but after several hours it will lock up and has to be unplugged and rebooted then repeat the process.
One time the microwave came on on its own
Sometimes it will go into the service mode by itself. But the in a few minutes will go away.

At times it will go completely blank.
Can this be the harness in the door.

I need a tech sheet and service manual and service bulletins.
I see this is an issue with this model.

  • Pancakes asked 3 months ago
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There is a lot of Frost BUILDING UP INSIDE THE REFRIGERATOR BEHIND THE PANEL BEHIND THE CRISPERS. What do you think could cause this?

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the fridge is around 25 Fahrenheit set on low

FIND A VIDEO ON THE SITE OF PREMIUM my email is garth@saparas.com

  • trestres asked 4 months ago
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Hello, The temperature in the Freezer & Fresh food section are ok. Zero & 37. The dividing wall between Freezer & Fresh food is sweating, causing condensation to drip down in the Fresh Food section. This is a Side x Side model. Door gaskets are sealing good. Have any solutions???? Thank You, Jim

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My washer makes grinding noises and doesn’t spin as smooth as usual.

Spinning process is 12 mins and it will work for 10 or 11 mins and stop spinning. Instead of spinning, the machine was filing with some water.

  • tinazhuang asked 5 months ago
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The fuse blew to the microwave side its no power. The thermostats are tested and capacitor good. Suspect its transformer and high voltage fuse on transformer. Part list with diagram to would help not finding part numbers

  • kivery90 asked 5 months ago
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Samsung oven. The 4, 9 and 0 button have become unresponsive.

  • Bradley886 asked 5 months ago
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This unit is making very thin ice. It makes ice consistently but it is consistently VERY thin. KITCHENAID

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The temp in the ice room is 20 degrees. The water pressure is good, the line is not frozen. Is there another thermostat in the ice room I’m missing? Could ice build up in the freezer cause this issue? How many fans are blowing cold air into the ice room. I’ve only changed one. Fridge at 37 and freezer was recently dropped to -4 to see if that helped with no success.

  • ragarcia asked 5 months ago
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My ice maker stopped making ice. Replaced the ice maker and it turns our that isn’t the problem. I have two vents..from what I read, the top vent is supposed to blow cold air from freezer into ice maker to freeze water, and the the cooler air comes back out to help keep fridge cool.. Here is the problem…the top vent is not providing cold air. It is warm…and it starting to discolor the vent area itself because of the heat. The bottom vent is not getting much cold air either. With that said…my fridge itself keeps things cold, and my freezer keeps things frozen. So I am baffled. Not sure what to do next?? Help please! …Sad GrandmaHolly

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This dryer is not coming on . I have test power and it is 240 on L1 and L2 but when i test on L1 to neutral i get 120 with is good but when i test L2 to N i am get 240 but only when dryer is plug up to wall plug . Test at wall plug is fine 240 L1 to L2 and 110 for L1 to N and L2 to N 110
This is crazy it has a new main board installed .

What do you thank mite be the cause that is keeping the dryer for working

  • kc0otv73 asked 5 months ago
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Refrigerator is not defrosting, ice is actually building up on the evap coil’s so much it’s coming inches out of evaporator coil cover, Looked everywhere and cannot locate defrost control. Looked up top in thermostat box not there, looked underneath kickplate at bottom could not find, also cannot see defrost control on any drawings of unit. Need to know where defrost control is located.

  • albert3736 asked 6 months ago
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How to out into diagnostic to check defrost I tried what I read bug display doesn’t go blank

  • paytonsac asked 6 months ago
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the Refrig makes a fairly strong humming noise until one of the refrig doors is opened. Then it stops. It starts again when the door is closed. Don’t notice any other issues at this point.

  • Skies2Blu asked 6 months ago
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