Use Oil to Clean Oil Droplets On Your Stove Top

If you use oil to pan-fry or deep fry, you know the pain of finding shiny oil droplets glued to your stove top, above-range microwave and surrounding kitchen cabinets. No matter what, you pretty much have to go through a ton of paper towels to even begin to see a dent in the cleanup process; even then, you wind up with a smeared, gunky mess—sometimes looking worse than before.

You know what’s even worse? The double whammy of finding oil accumulation on the ledge of your microwave, mixed with dust. No thank you. Although you should turn on your range hood to help reduce oil droplets floating everywhere and sticking to everything, we have found a cleaning solution once and for all…Are you ready?

Mineral Oil. How ironic is it, to clean oil with oil? That’s it—all you have to do is lightly oil your paper towels with mineral oil, and wipe away. This tip is suggested from the blog, The Manly Housekeeper. As suggested from this weblog, instead of using vegetable oil that turns rancid and sticky, mineral oil is the best to use, as it will not go bad. Though you can use vegetable oil for cutting boards and etc, mineral oil is the way to go. It’s a neutral oil also used to treat wood products in addition to giving your stove top a cleanup makeover. This stuff works.

Quick Tip: The Best Way to Clean Oil Splatters | The Manly Housekeeper

Photo by: James Jordan | Flickr

Use Oil to Clean Oil Droplets On Your Stove Top