Build Drawers in Your Truck Bed for Heavy-Duty Tool Storage

Whether your profession requires you to have tools with you at all times, or you’re a hobbyist on a mission, building pullout drawers in your truck bed is perfect for storage, organization, and practicality.

The complete tutorial comes from THE GOOSE over at Instructables—he gives you a step-by-step guide on how to make your very own truck bed drawers. While the instructions are for a truck, you could make this work by customizing the drawers for your van, work vehicle (make sure to run this by your boss first), or whatever you’ve got going on.

The project to make and install the drawers is a bit intensive—so if you have a workshop, are handy with carpentry skills, and enjoy building, this project is just for you. Some of the materials you’ll need are sheets of plywood, Masonite, bolts, washers, wood screws, slide latches, and cabinet pulls. To get the deed done you’ll need a circular saw, jig saw, drill, and screw gun…just to name a few.

The first step is building the basic frame of your drawers in your truck bed. The key is to cut the length of your plywood and Masonite about a half-inch shorter than the length of your truck bed. Create the fence around the baseboard a little shorter than the base plywood and Masonite—holding it in place with a bit of wood glue, screws and bolts. Then, pop in your frame, make some screw holes and bolt the base of the board in place to the vehicle bed.

This step also includes creating the divider, and building the frame for the two drawers you’ll be making, which need to be smaller than the frame itself for easy sliding. You’ll also make the drawer bottoms separate from the bed. THE GOOSE doesn’t go into detail about installing and making the slides, so this part may be a little bit tricky; if you’re up for the challenge, it is easily doable by researching online.

To complete the drawers, you’ll want to create the top frame with the sheet of plywood and screw it to the top. Then, take two 1x10s, measure each one next to the side of the bed and cut it out to install your hinges and pulls. You’re pretty much creating two secret compartments on the sides of the drawers themselves for extra space. These compartments allow you to open up the side drawers from the top, like a door. You can then paint your entire setup to match the interior of your truck.

THE GOOSE even rigged up waterproof LEDs on the ceiling of his truck along with an on and off switch—perfect for when it’s dark outside and you still have work to do.

The drawers are long and deep, perfect for your toolboxes, saws, materials, power drills and more. There’s nothing better than being organized and feeling like you’re on top of the world by being able to get a job done quicker because you know where your stuff is at.

THE GOOSE also has an awesome video that shows just how intricate and practical his truck bed drawers are. Hit up the link below for his complete guide, photos and video.

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Photo by: THE GOOSE | Instructables

Build Drawers in Your Truck Bed for Heavy-Duty Tool Storage