Easy Ways to Achieve a Clean Oven

A challenge many of us face from time to time is getting our oven’s clean. And, this can be done with some effort in a totally safe, and productive way making use of products that you may already have in your home! Alright first things first, below is a list of the things that you will need to clean your oven.

Things you need:

Baking soda
Damp dish cloth
Rubber gloves
Silicone or plastic spatula
White vinegar
Spray bottle


1. Bring out everything from inside the oven. This includes oven racks, oven thermometer, pizza stone, etc and set them aside.

2. Make a paste with baking soda. Produce paste in a tiny bowl by mixing half a cup of baking soda with some water. Make use of tablespoons to do this, increasing amounts of both baking soda and water until a spreadable paste is formed.

3. Spread coat over your oven. Wear your rubber gloves and apply coat to the interior surfaces avoiding heating elements of your oven. Wearing gloves will enable you to attack very dirty areas of your oven without the fear of getting grime underneath your fingernails. Apply paste to very greasy areas.

4. Leave paste in oven for not less than 12 hours. Allow this mixture to spend nothing less than 12 hours. You may even decide to leave it overnight.

5. Get rid of dirt from your oven racks. In the meantime, you should endeavor to clean your oven racks.

6. Wipe clean your oven. After leaving paste for not less than 12 hours, make use of a damp dish cloth to clean dried paste, using silicone or plastic spatula to scrape where necessary in order to get a nice clean.

7. Spray with white vinegar. Fill spray bottle with some white vinegar and apply to wherever you still find some residue of baking soda. This will cause a reaction that will lead to gently foaming wherever you still have the soda paste.

8. Wipe again. Wipe the inside of your oven thoroughly with damp cloth until all soda residue is gone. Continuously add more vinegar or water to piece of cloth so as to get your oven really shiny and clean.

9. Replace oven racks. Finally, replace everything you have removed from inside your oven and then appreciate the new look that your oven now wears

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Easy Ways to Achieve a Clean Oven