How to Remove Odors from Your Fridge

Fridges are notorious for foul smells you can’t get rid of—usually the culprit of rotten food. You need to free your fridge from these smells.

One of the best ways to get rid of this smell is using a product that is renowned for sucking up odors. Baking soda has been traditionally known as a great item to suck up odors however there are a few natural products that can work just as well.

One of these products is fresh, unused coffee grounds. Place a few shallow bowels of these on different levels of your fridge. Any type of coffee will do— we think the best smelling are hazelnut coffee and French roast. If you like the smell of coffee, this smell-proof method is great for gathering up the odors that you don’t want.

The second thing that you can use is a bowel of oats. Again just a few shallow bowels of oats will do. It’s great for absorbing up the different smells from the refrigerator.

A final idea is a lemon cut in half on a little saucer. What this does is gather up any of the strong smells within the fridge.

How to Remove Odors from Your Fridge