Make a Laundry Drying Rack with a Bicycle Wheel

Ever thought that your old bicycle wheel could be turned into a laundry drying rack? Well, you most certainly can. We present you a smart and eco-friendly solution of converting your old bike wheel into a jumbo area drying space! This nifty trick comes from Instructables user JohanJShaw.

Here’s what to do:

Take your old bicycle wheel and remove the inner tube and spokes. Clean the wheel thoroughly by scrubbing and rinsing with detergent and water and pat it dry. Pass a laundry line through any two-spoke holes and tie a knot at the starting point.

Now, pass the line through the rest of the holes forming parallel lines. Care should be taken to spread the tension equally so that uneven bending of the wheel is prevented.

Your rack is ready! Now you need two suspension points that can be made by passing another cord through those spoke holes that were left empty while creating parallel lines. On two sides, at least 10 inches of cord extensions should be left along with cord locks. This enables you to engage the drying rack on any hanger outside or on just two protruding nails indoors.

Your innovative, space-saving and eco-friendly laundry drying rack is ready for use.

Make sure to check out the link below for the full guide:

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Photo by: JohanJShaw | Instructables

Make a Laundry Drying Rack with a Bicycle Wheel