Granite countertops are absolutely stunning and add a high-end look to any kitchen. However, the price tag follows. Instead of paying out the wazoo, why not paint your laminate countertops to look like natural stone instead? Plus, granite is porous, needs to be resealed yearly, and is a bacteria playground. You can easily update those countertops on a budget with Giani, “Stone Paints for your Counterops!” for a natural-stone finish without the high maintenance. It’s a great solution to cover up any superficial scratches or stains, too. Plus, the paint finish resists bacteria and locks out moisture since it is a blend of polymers and minerals.

You can buy a Giano paint kit for about $80 that covers 35 square feet of space or 16 running feet of 24” wide counters which is enough coverage for the average kitchen. The stone paint also works on surfaces such as wood, laminate, Formica, dry wall, ceramic tile, and cultured-marble.

Giani’s polymers are water-based resins that will last as long as any conventional countertop. Just like granite, the countertops can be scratched, but nothing some extra paint can’t fix up.

The entire project takes about 4 hours to do and 16 hours of drying time. The end results are gorgeous. Since you’re painting your countertops yourself, they’ll be custom designed with patterns of in-depth colors that will transform your kitchen to your liking.


Giani has the instructions on their site, and the process is relatively simple. You first need to remove dirt and debris on your counters with a rough sponge and residue-free cleaner. Then, like any paint job, use painter’s tape to mask off your dishwasher, sink, etc. It’s important to note the coatings will not stick to silicone caulk. Then, paint your kitchen countertops with Giani’s black primer.

Once the primer is dry, sponge on the mineral paints by blotting and blending in the colors to get a natural look. You can even add in veins, and continue to blend in the paints to your liking. It’s probably a good idea to practice on black cardboard first. Then, after those layers dry, roll on the topcoat and you’re good to go.

There are a ton of colors you can choose from, and you can even add in water-based acrylics for your own color.

With a semi-gloss and smooth finish, no one will ever know your laminate counters are painted on…for all they know, you just spent a few grand on natural cut stone.

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Photo by: Giani

Paint Laminate Countertops to Look like Natural Stone