The Story Behind the Maytag Stackable Washer Dryer

Maytag started off as a washing machine company founded by a man of the same name in the 19th century. In the first quarter of the 20th century, it acquired its present name, just Maytag. After this time, the company started branching out into military machines for the second world war. Manufacturing and specialization in washing machines restarted at the end of the war.

In contrast to what is commonly believed, their first products were not automatic washers but instead a combination of manual and machine washing. The first automatic washing appliance debuted in 1949. Maytag at that time also started making other home kitchen appliances. Their popular product includes the Superstack Maytag stackable washer dryer.

Purchasing washers and dryers can be a little demanding for many who are dwelling in small houses, condominium or apartment units. The first problem people face is that there is almost no room to accommodate large home equipment. Another reason is that washers and dryers, being heavy home equipment are not really condominium and apartment friendly because they need a great deal of space. For instance some properties don't have gas lines or exhaust vents for the clothing dryer.

Due to this need by little homes, condo and apartment owners, Maytag has formulated specially designed appliances to fit into small areas in little houses, apartments or condominium units. These appliances usually take up not much square footage that makes them easy to store under shelves, inside cabinets, small basements and also garages. Furthermore, many of the new appliances do not even require exhaust tubing to vent out the warm, damp air released from drying a load of clothes.

The stackable washer dryer is one in which the dryer is positioned atop the washer so that the two items are vertically aligned. Stackable washers and dryers are particularly preferred since you would only need to take up one space make use of both appliances. The downside to using stackables is that dryers must be placed high above the floor that makes it a little hard to access and make use of.

The Maytag stackable washer dryer comes already stacked in retail locations. The dryer sits above the washer, with all the controls on the top row of the dryer. The capacity is standard at 2.6 and 5.9 cu ft for the washer and dryer respectively. It is said to be quieter due to the newly added Quiet Sound System. Users can select from four different water levels and four different water temperature combinations.

The Story Behind the Maytag Stackable Washer Dryer