Whirlpool’s Fast Freeze Freezer and Other Cool Hacks

Whirlpool’s 18 cu. Ft. SideKicks All-Freeze with Fast Freeze is the ideal freezer because of its awesome features. Its best feature is the Fast Freeze button which allows you to freeze food at 10 degrees colder than the normal setting. Moreover, you can control its temperature according to the kind of food you are storing. It also has a LED interior lighting that lasts long, and it uses less energy than incandescent lighting.

Aside from its awesome features that help maintain a great experience in storing food, it can also be used for other stuff – life hacks (your freezer at home can do this stuff, too)!

1. Jeans Freshener
To prevent your jeans from fading, put them inside a plastic bag and store them in the freezer for one whole week. In that way, you wouldn’t have to cook them in hot water for the freezing cold kills the germs.

2. Life Saver
Candles and Batteries wear out fast. Put them inside the freezer to pro-long their lives.

3. Icy Coffee
Instead of putting water to make ice cubes in your tray, put coffee in your ice cube tray to make coffee cubes. Use coffee cubes for your iced coffee to keep it cool without losing its taste.

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Photo by: Whirlpool

Whirlpool’s Fast Freeze Freezer and Other Cool Hacks