Yes, You Really Can Shine Dirty Hubcaps in Your Dishwasher

You can also eat a ton of grapes, but no one is going to listen to you whine. Ok, that’s completely irrelevant.

You read the title correctly. Go ahead, reread it again if you don’t believe me.

You can actually get squeaky clean, sparkling and dazzling red carpet status hubcaps by placing the things in your dishwasher. I thought this was way crazy, but it’s actually a thing, just don’t do it front of the kids. Next thing you know, you’ll be taking your whole car apart to see the phenomenon of, “will it wash?” Results will be very, very bad. Don’t do it my friend, I know temptation is tough. Stick to the hubcaps and everything will be okay.

So wait a minute, isn’t this gross? To physically place wheel covers that have nasty tire grime and oil all over it into a machine that cleans off your plates you eat from? I actually think so. The thing is, a dishwasher is made to sanitize, clean and deodorize anything in its path, and gets up to the 130°F – 170°F range. So at least we have that going for us.

The thing is though, with all of that grit and grime, it’s probably a good idea to do a rinse off the nasty with a hose first, and then pop those hubs in the dishwasher. No one wants a clogged dishwasher.

Do I dare mention this for the sake of obviousness? Well, since you kindly nodded “yes”…don’t wash these car parts with your other dishes. Just, don’t. Let them be the loners they are, and wash 'em by themselves.

Alrighty now, let’s get back on track.

Once you have those dirty, rinsed off hubcaps on your dishwasher rack, you can go about the cleaning solution in two different ways. The first method is to pour a cup of white vinegar in the rinse aid compartment. The other option is using a little bit of Cascade in the soap dispenser.

Run your dishwasher on the 'pots and pans' cleaning cycle for the ultimate scrubbing action—regardless if you choose vinegar or Cascade. That is ultimately up to you. The power is yours.

Got lug nuts? Of course you do. Those can go in the dishwasher, too…along with those rims you’ve got going on. Pop those guys in a mesh bag, and dishwash away.

Whoa man, are those stars?
No, don't be ridiculous. They’re shiny rims.

Photo by: Russellstreet | Flickr

Yes, You Really Can Shine Dirty Hubcaps in Your Dishwasher