According to the Beverage Marketing Corporation, the average American guzzles approximately 44.7 gallons of soda per year. Not only is this unhealthy, but your hard-earned dollars are wasted on sugary syrup accompanied by the inconvenience of lugging around a 24 pack. What is a plausible solution for this sugary epidemic? sodastreamsamsung

Coming to you in April 2013, Samsung introduces its RF31FMESBSR Four-Door Refrigerator. It is the first and only fridge to dispense carbonated water or seltzer brought to you by SodaStream. This means you have the capabilities of making your own ‘health conscious’ homemade sodas, and sparkling sweet drinks suitable to be kid-friendly or for adults only...the possibilities are endless! You can even choose 3 levels of fizzy goodness on the same interface you’d use to select still water or ice at your leisure.

samsung-sodastream.jpgYou will be able to enjoy a nice refreshing glass of cold seltzer at a fraction of the cost while making a greener choice by decreasing can/bottle waste. According to SodaStream,1 can of homemade soda OR 1 liter of sparkling water comes out to just about $.25! How long will it last? SodaStream suggests that a 60L carbonator could last a family of 4, 6-8 weeks depending on usage. The standard 60L CO2 cylinder resides in a small compartment hidden inside the left door of the refrigerator and is simple to swap out when empty. Like a propane tank, you are able to bring your empty carbonator to local participating retailers that exchange these cylinders, paying only for the CO2 gas contents. Wait, it does get better (just when you thought it couldn’t). The refrigerator also includes an Ice Master ice maker which is capable of pushing out a whopping 10 lbs of ice each day and has the capacity to store 4.2 lbs to accompany your needs, plus some. There are many other features that come with this $3,899 appliance that includes but is not limited to: LED lighting (less heat = less energy), dual doors for the fresh food section with the freezer on the bottom, and Twin Cooling Plus technology for optimal shelf-life for your food (think 2 evaporators, 1 compressor). The Samsung refrigerator also includes impeccable storage in the form of a kid-friendly FlexZone drawer with four temperature options, allowing your child(ren) to have independence with your peace of mind. It’s safe to say Samsung has outdone themselves yet again.

Samsung Introduces “Must Have” SodaStream Refrigerator – Money Saving and Eco-Friendly