I have ohmd out the unbalanced switch which tested good. I can hear the lid switch when the washer tries to go in to spin mode. About 15 seconds later it displays the Er UB error. The machine is level with no broken springs. Wires to the swich look fine.

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Hello, there are 2 types of “ub” error codes for your washer. They are listed as “non-fatal” and as “fatal” unbalance errors and are listed as follows in the service manual for your model. 1st is Non-Fatal Unbalance Error : Machine has sensed load is unbalanced. Re-balance load and try spin step again. Do not adjust balance switch first. Most likely not due to unbalance switch mounting. If load is only one big item, add towels on opposite side to balance load. The 2nd is Fatal Unbalance Error : Wires to unbalance switch are broken or not connected. Switch may be stuck closed. Broken spring or unlevel machine causing tub to lean on unbalance switch. I have attached the complete service manual for you which contains all diagnostic steps and procedures for your model. I have also attached a link for your parts breakdown.

  • Sam, there is nothing in the tub. This is a fatal unbalanced error. I have checked the springs and wires to the unbalanced switch that were visible (not in the harness). Could this be the controller?
  • Hello, although you are getting a “ub” error it is possible and more likely that the upper or lower tub bearing may be bad or you have a possibility of there being broken or loose wiring as opposed to a control issue. See flow chart on pages 29 & 30 in the service manual we have attached for you. The error you are getting may be caused by the same condition(s) that would display a “bb” error. Any information we have would come from the Speed Queen factory service manual we have attached for you. There is a troubleshooting diagnostic factory test that is outlined on page 10 which explains how to enter and navigate through the procedure.
  • The tub seem to be tight (side to side) and spin freely.
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