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My technician changed two infinite switches on a radiant cooktop.

The part that was changed is 700855K. Issue is that the two right side burners, after connection, control each other’s heat level. Burners turn on independently and the issue with heat control is only applicable if both burners are operating simultaneously.

Could you provide guidance on proper wiring instructions for these switches? My thought is that the technician did the wiring incorrectly. The old switch for reference is part# 203147. The confusion lies in a difference for terminal markings between the old switch (203147) and new switch (700855K).

I’m the owner, but not a technician. Please let me know if there is a bulletin or supporting document for the issue.

Thank you,
Greg Bahry

  • gregoryb7 asked 5 months ago
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I need to replace defective PCB board

  • Loinest76 asked 8 months ago
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Could this be a mainboard issue?
Bake relay P7 Yellow and P2 Black 120 ac when the oven is off and 0 ac when it is on.
Broil element K2 relay also 120 ac when the oven is off.

  • SiNRG asked 10 months ago
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I need to replace display control assembly some keys on the keypad are not working need service manuel

  • Loinest76 asked 1 year ago
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The broil and bake igniters are not turning on.
The oven chimes when I switch it to bake or broil but the igniters do not glow hot. Could the main circuit board go out? This is a very popular oven and brand. I could not find it on your website. When will you have a video on this range?

  • SiNRG asked 1 year ago
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