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Right door is not closing all the way and keeps popping out. Any videos to fix this issue. Tried hinges, gasket and stoppers nothing working.

  • GeekJames asked 6 days ago
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Samsung refrigerator model code RF22N9781SG/AA Ice maker is frozen. I cannot get the ice container removed.
How can the ice maker be defrosted without having to disconnect the refrigerator for 24 hours .
please send service manual

  • Raideldz asked 1 month ago
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the refrigerator side stays at the set temperature, but the freezer side doesn’t go lower then 41 degrees I have the setting at 5 degrees.

  • flukedup asked 2 months ago
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To whom it may concern,
I have a Whirlpool WRF757SDEM refrigerator that has cooling issues in the refrigerator section of the unit;not the freezer . The bottom fresh drawer is ~ 33 degrees, the 3 drawers above that are ~ 40 degrees and the upper main is ~ 47 degrees.These temperatures have been verified by placing thermometers in each section. Due to this elevated temperature we also have had to shut the iced maker off as the ice would melt in the door compartment causing water to run out the chute. I have had a large amount of ice forming behind the bottom drawer ( the one at ~ 33 degrees) and have had to remove this 3 times as it build up there and has caused issues shutting that drawer. The ice was in all the vents located there and I had to take care so it would not get damaged. The freezer portion of this unit works fine and freezes ice in ~ 30 minutes.
I am hoping there is a repair for this erratic cooling as the unit is barely 6 years old and is just out of warranty.
Any and all assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  • toot033 asked 2 months ago
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See above. Newer model Samsung French Door refrigerator. Display is on the right hand side on interior of refrigerator. Above “Fridge” button flashes the letter C. Above the “Freezer” button flashes 40, 24, 25, and 65. Unit appears to be maintaining temp however it will intermittently trip the breaker. We have replaced main control board already.

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I am trying to replace the touchscreen control board on my refrigerator. I need to know how to remove the display panel to get to the board. Looking for help or a video to show me how to remove the touchpad to get to the control board. This is a Samsung French door four-door refrigerator not a side-by-side.

  • Gboo422 asked 5 months ago
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Looking for a list of diagnostic codes for my GE fridge.
Not sure my freezer heater works and want to run a test. And also test the thermistors.
So need tech sheet or service manual for my specific fridge.

  • aestermann asked 5 months ago
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Attempted to rewrite control board after compressor replacement only getting failure from jig after attempting rewrite

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I wanted try to fix Ge fridge video on repair for beginners

  • dborje55 asked 5 months ago
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This unit has a failed compressor and it states we have to update the board on this unit. Do you have any instructional materials, or guides on how to complete this common LG compressor repair. Kenmore Refrigerator – LG BUILT

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I have this frig I’m really lost on ran the diagnostics says there a short in the defrost system.But the weird thing is both evaporators are frozen up frig and freezer.Would this be a control board problem.please help I’m in the hole on this one thanks Jim

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Bottom icemaker not working. Fridge runs great and upper icemaker in door works great. Have replaced main control board (unrelated to icemaker), 2 different icemakers, and a water valve. Icemaker won’t even turn fingers to flip out ice. I put a bit of water in the icemaker to see if it was valve or icemaker and still no ice flipped out.

Need to resolve ASAP because fridge is taking up space at store and can’t be sold until icemaker issue is sorted.

  • thatguy714 asked 8 months ago
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Need to know how to dissemble icemaker compartment to install evaporator Kit 5303918444.

  • hdde asked 8 months ago
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No matter where the control is set it freezes every thing.
How do I test this unit?
I need a service manual and tech sheet and any advice you can give

  • Pancakes asked 8 months ago
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I am troubleshooting a no LED light issue on this unit, All the LEDs work except the 5 on the roof of the refrigerator. The schematic shows that the 5 fridge roof LED’s are divided into 2 series circuits, 3 in one series and 2 in the other going back to the LED Driver board for the DC source. Both of these strings are not working, I have diagnosed that the LED Driver board is partially defective .

The problem is, it is not shown in any service literature, ANYWHERE. The visual shows it is located next to the control board along with the power supply, The only part shown in the exploded diagram is the Control board itself, Whirlpool W11161172. If you do a parts list search for LED Driver, it does not generate any hits. I am at a loss, I have check multiple sources including the Factory SM with no luck.

I need the part number for the LED Driver Board! Why is it not shown or listed anywhere? I wasted 2 hours looking!!!

Thanks 🙂
609 418 0278

  • thosk1051 asked 8 months ago
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Fridge has power, compressor running, condenser fan running, lights and front controls work. No cooling in fridge or freezer. Evaporator fans not running. Suction and discharge lines are not hot or cold. Fridge is new but just stopped cooling. Not sure what to do next. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

  • ScottSpin asked 9 months ago
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There is a lot of Frost BUILDING UP INSIDE THE REFRIGERATOR BEHIND THE PANEL BEHIND THE CRISPERS. What do you think could cause this?

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the fridge is around 25 Fahrenheit set on low

FIND A VIDEO ON THE SITE OF PREMIUM my email is garth@saparas.com

  • trestres asked 11 months ago
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Hello, The temperature in the Freezer & Fresh food section are ok. Zero & 37. The dividing wall between Freezer & Fresh food is sweating, causing condensation to drip down in the Fresh Food section. This is a Side x Side model. Door gaskets are sealing good. Have any solutions???? Thank You, Jim

  • learnnowjim asked 11 months ago
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The temp in the ice room is 20 degrees. The water pressure is good, the line is not frozen. Is there another thermostat in the ice room I’m missing? Could ice build up in the freezer cause this issue? How many fans are blowing cold air into the ice room. I’ve only changed one. Fridge at 37 and freezer was recently dropped to -4 to see if that helped with no success.

  • ragarcia asked 11 months ago
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My ice maker stopped making ice. Replaced the ice maker and it turns our that isn’t the problem. I have two vents..from what I read, the top vent is supposed to blow cold air from freezer into ice maker to freeze water, and the the cooler air comes back out to help keep fridge cool.. Here is the problem…the top vent is not providing cold air. It is warm…and it starting to discolor the vent area itself because of the heat. The bottom vent is not getting much cold air either. With that said…my fridge itself keeps things cold, and my freezer keeps things frozen. So I am baffled. Not sure what to do next?? Help please! …Sad GrandmaHolly

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Refrigerator is not defrosting, ice is actually building up on the evap coil’s so much it’s coming inches out of evaporator coil cover, Looked everywhere and cannot locate defrost control. Looked up top in thermostat box not there, looked underneath kickplate at bottom could not find, also cannot see defrost control on any drawings of unit. Need to know where defrost control is located.

  • albert3736 asked 12 months ago
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How to out into diagnostic to check defrost I tried what I read bug display doesn’t go blank

  • paytonsac asked 12 months ago
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the Refrig makes a fairly strong humming noise until one of the refrig doors is opened. Then it stops. It starts again when the door is closed. Don’t notice any other issues at this point.

  • Skies2Blu asked 1 year ago
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This is a w10873791 icemaker. When I arrived the sensor arm was down and the ice tray was stuck right at the beginning of the cycle. I ran diagnostics and couldn’t get the icemaker to harvest or fill.
In the fill test it gave the code 23 switch or motor failure. I tested the ice room switches and they are good.
Is there another switch???
I changed the icemaker and it still didn’t work..
How can I test this,?
What is the next step.
I need a video and service manual and bulletins.

  • Pancakes asked 1 year ago
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Ice getting stuck between icemaker and the ice bucket. Please provide any remaining information or common issues with this complaint.

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All of the buttons on the user interface of my refrigerator are dead.

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My LG refrigerator is dispensing ice.

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