I do not see a category for Compactors. Are there no resources for Broan Compactors? I see you have a video for a Kitchenaid. It is not much. All it offers is a suggestion that is in the use and care manuals. No other complaints or remedies are given. BTW ; Whirlpool literature states that the level needs to be at least 1/2 full not 3/4 full

I have my own curriculum on Broan Compactors and Whirlpool. All 12″ wide Broans NL in production nor is the 18″ Viking (Hobart-KA). The Broan Elite 15 is being used by electrolux. Do I need to search under that brand?

Now a days I only instruct on Whirlpool and Broan and only for a few days of the training program.

Model Number
Elite 15
What have you tried so far?

your entire site


On the Whirlpool compactor video, we had a engineer here with us making the videos. They now suggest 3/4 of the way full on compactors and are changing the new user manuals to say that. We had to be very specific on the requirements for the videos we made with Whirlpool here. They brought the product to us so we could tape it. We do not get many requests for trash compactors. We have a request form on our site for premium members to request specific products. Here is the link if you would like to request the trash compactor https://www.appliancevideo.com/premium-appliances/ . With over 900,000 views per month to our videos currently get less than one every six months. Sorry we could not be more help.

Matt Ace technician

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    • 9 years ago
    I understand what you were up against with Whirlpool. But if they limited you to just that short discourse and nothing more specific I can just stick to my resources and what’s on Servicematters.com. Broan manufacturing might hold you to the same limitations . I can always take the technical operations manuals that I have and create a video at my end in detail . I do not need manufacturers to bring in product as we have all here on site. I just thought it would be nice if you had any Broan compactor videos that went further than customer usage advice. I will check my Electrolux access for Broan compactor info beyond what I have already developed for training. Thanks for a very speedy response.
  • We also have have our own production studio in house and access to multiple products. We have a full time staff of six videographers , editors, and website programmer that do nothing but work on new video production. We take requests on what the technicians in the field and our subscribers need the most. Good luck on the training and thanks for your input.
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