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The leak is coming from the water valve into the fridge. I tested the valve: 185 ohms. I also tested it mechanically thinking it would stay open but it didnt. Could this issue be with the ice maker or mainboard. I dont know how common this fail is with this refrigerator.

  • SiNRG asked 1 day ago
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Main control board and inverter board have been replaced Polarity at plugged checked good put washer on normal cycle drain pump kicks on while sensing door does not lock and does not fill with water door lock flashes on display E91 error code

  • Loinest76 asked 3 months ago
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Does this unit have a heat exchanger?

My technician said he needs this part due to a Freon restriction. We are not finding a picture on the parts diagram.

My tech said its a capillary tube running from the evaporator that is likely restricted. He was working on a sealed system repair, replacing the compressor and evaporator today.

Please let me know the part number that would be needed.

  • gregoryb7 asked 3 months ago
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GE Washer fills with water and starts to turn for about 5 seconds and then stops.

  • SiNRG asked 3 months ago
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In the diagnostics mode the washer in the spin test, the clutch engages ok but the motor does not work. In the agitate test the washer fills but the motor does not work.
I can hear a momentary relay on the board and the motor seems to try to energize for less than 1 second, but nothing else.

  • Pancakes asked 4 months ago
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change the control board /water valve and door latch water presuer is ok but still code is on

  • Always1apr asked 6 months ago
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GE Dishwasher Model GDF530PGM0BB
stops mid cycle, all lights flashing, turning power off resets unit to normal,
run thru cycle, repeats problem

  • joeski1369 asked 7 months ago
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can you guide me to locate video for Frontload Dryer to access these main control board to replace it.

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hello, Have a side by side refrigerator and the fresh food section is getting too cold. Freezer seems ok.

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