GE Dishwasher Model GDF530PGM0BB
stops mid cycle, all lights flashing, turning power off resets unit to normal,
run thru cycle, repeats problem

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turning power off resets unit to normal,
repeats problem.I have the tech sheet, ran thru consumer error mode test, all test okay, no error codes, service mode all test okay, checked main control board, green light rapidly flashing, even when running service mode test. replaced main control board, same problem?

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Hi, sounds like you could have a communication issue between the main board and user interface. I have attached the service pointer for this. The U.I.and harness would need to be replaced since you already replaced the board. Also, check that power connections coming in at the junction box etc. are good, not loose or burnt that could cause power to drop out. Check the harness in the door between the U.I and main board for and broken, pinched wires. I have attached the service manual and tech sheet also.

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