The compressor was bad, so I replaced the compressor about a week ago, and then that one burnt up. I replaced the compressor a couple days ago and the homeowner said that it is not cooling as it should and there is condensation on the food and milk in the refrigerator. If this compressor burns up as well, what could be causing this? And what can I do to fix it?

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Changed out the compressor twice

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This is a very basic freezer. There are a few things to check for.
1) Do you have 115 vols up to the relay / overload ?
2) Did you install a new relay overload with the new compressor ? If a start winding on the relay is sticking in the closed position it will take out the start winding on the compressor. Seen it happen many times.
3) I am assuming you have a clean condenser.
4) Is the condenser fan motor running at proper speed ? If the condenser motor was replaced is it running in the correct direction CW or CCW.
5) Are the connections on the relay / overload good, was there any arching due to a loose connection.
6) Did you replace the filter drier? May have restriction if not.
7) Did you dial in the refrigerant with a scale ?

Matt Ace technician

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