In the diagnostics mode the washer in the spin test, the clutch engages ok but the motor does not work. In the agitate test the washer fills but the motor does not work.
I can hear a momentary relay on the board and the motor seems to try to energize for less than 1 second, but nothing else.

Model Number
What have you tried so far?

The motor windings are both good. I compared to the speed sensor ohm reading on the triac scale and got no reading and compared it with the same older motor which shows. 760 on that scale. (Is that how to test it?) How can I check the speed sensor.
The magnet in the pulley is ok.
Do I need to check the wiring from the motor to the board?
My question is, how do I determine what the issue is?

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Hi. It does sound like a bad speed sensor since you’re not getting a reading on the old vs a reading on the new. I have had to replace a few of these. I’m not sure what the speed sensor should test. I have attached the service manual for you. I would check error codes and follow the testing accordingly. They may show how to test the sensor in the manual.

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