My dishwasher was leaving dishes filthy and my silverware stained. I disassembled the dw to find the source (turns out it was a horrible p-trap plumbing job, corroded disposal, backup, etc.
Unfortunately, I violated my own rule of appliance repair, which is to photograph every step in the disassembly. When I went to reassemble, I followed the parts diagrams, only to discover GE either poorly represented the positioning of the parts or it completely omitted key parts. I then rented your video on installing the flood switch, but that did not describe what screw I was supposed to be using.

I’ve narrowed it down to (I hope) one or both of the following problems:
1. The screw holding the flood switch housing in place: what is it? (part number/size?) (GE has no reference at all to this screw in the parts diagrams). I wonder if I might be using the wrong screw? I don’t have extra screws and I believe every screw is in the right place. Maybe it’s too loose? How tight is it supposed to be?
2. The float stem O-ring. I cannot tell from the diagram where this o-ring is supposed to go. Right now, it is on the float stem, at the narrow part that inserts into the base of the sump manifold. I think it’s doing what it’s supposed to do, (with the exception of the leaky screw below it), but I’m unsure, because I can’t rule out that’s it’s positioned improperly without fixing the leaky screw.
3. Oh, yeah, well, there’s this too: when I was removing the electrical circuit board to replace the electrical cord, I broke off the little white tab on the connector clip for the Flood switch harness assembly. When I reassembled it, the board, I googled a lot of “electrical connector clips for circuit board,” etc. with no luck. Right now it’s taped into its proper place in the board, but wonder if that might not be helping things…

I appreciate your help!

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See the service manual link below. The manual link below will give you a detailed parts breakdown on how each part in the unit. Go to the index page #79 to find out what parts you need. Thanks

  • Thank you so much for your prompt reply. The manuals do not mention the o-ring, though they do mention that the screw that attaches the flood switch is a 1/4″ hex. Not sure if that’s 1/4″ width, which seems way too large or 1/4″ length. Can you clarify? Also, the float o-ring is a no-show in these documents. Can you clarify the exact placement of the o-ring. I think it’s in the right place…my choices are pretty limited, but since I have a leak, it’s important for me to ensure it’s in the right place. Also, can you clarify the dimension of the ring? The one I have seems kind of thin (It’s one inch OD but the ring material itself seems kind of flimsy. Thank you very very much. My husband is about to divorce me and I hate washing dishes.
  • Hello, the 1/4 inch is in reference to the diameter of the hex head. That means you will need to use a 1/4 inch “nut driver” tool to remove and reinstall the screw. If you do not have a 1/4 inch hex head tool they are available almost everywhere that sells tools. (including Walmart, Meijer etc). You can do this! Good luck!
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