What should I look for when the lint alarm goes off and kills the dryer? On a separate call, I replaced the belt, pulley, rollers and blower wheel. I Vacuumed Out The unit and was working fine when I left. ????

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HI. Here is what the manual says about the lint alarm on this unit.

Lint Filter
The lint filter should be cleaned after each use or if the Lint Filterlight becomes illuminated and the buzzer sounds during operation of the dryer:
1. Immediately stop dryer by rotating cycle selector knobto Offposition.
2. Open door.
3. Remove filter.
4. Clean filter.
5. Replace filter.
6. Let dryer cool down.
7. Close door.
8. Rotate cycle selector knobto desired cycle and press Start/Stopbutton to restart dryer.

HINT:If the “lint filter”light won’t turn off, clean the lint filter (by hand) with dish soap and water. The lint filter is very fine and can be clogged over time when fabric softener or softener sheets are used.
NOTE:The “lint filter”light will turn on during normal use when the lint filter needs to be cleaned. The light will NOT turn on during the test program.

I would check the above first and check your air flow and for clogged or pinched venting. Fault codes E:01, E:11 & E:12 occur when lint screens are clogged. Control module reads NTC and approximates air flow – when air flow is too low, fault codes are generated. IF air flow or clogging is not an issue you could have a bad NTC which is the sensor that reads the air flow and reports back to the control. It is located under the lint screen. The control could be at fault also. Let me know if you need further assistance.

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