The fuse blew to the microwave side its no power. The thermostats are tested and capacitor good. Suspect its transformer and high voltage fuse on transformer. Part list with diagram to would help not finding part numbers

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tested above components

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See link to service manual for model HLB5750 series. We do not have the 51 series service manual yet. I don’t believe they have changed much. This should give you a good reference. I think you are correct looking in the correct direction. Also see parts link.

  • You guys normally do a great job but this is wrong. I have seen the schematics for this appliance it has a noise filter with two fuses the diagram shown is completely different. The parts breakdown is the right appliance but if does not include the megatron assembly or also called the high voltage compartment. I found a better breakdown elsewhere.
  • Yes, the model HLB5750 series is the only manual we have access to. Since we did not help you , I will have a full credit issued for this question.
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