Hi there. I have a dryer that will spin but wont heat up. I was wondering where the reset button is. Its a gcc591nb. Thanks

Model Number

Im afraid theres no reset button you can press on these to get it working again. If its not heating then theres a reason its not heating.

The most commone cause is the thermostat fails as this stops it heating.

To check you need to remove the metal heater cover on the back and there you will see the heater.

On the top are the thermostats. You need a test meter to check them so test them and see if faulty.

If so then im afraid the complete heater will need to be replaced as the heater comes as a complete unit with the thermostats attached onto it.

But if you dont have a meter then you can replace the complete heater and see how it goes as for a no heat fault its either the heater or the thermostats so replacing the heater you replace both the heater and thermostats in there.

Sorry its not the answer you was looking for but theres no reset button in there im afraid.

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