the refrigerator side stays at the set temperature, but the freezer side doesn’t go lower then 41 degrees I have the setting at 5 degrees.

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Model # LGUS2642LP2
What have you tried so far?

I have tried manual defrost, unplugging power.

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With this symptom you could have many different possibilities. Go to the the service link below and go to page #45 section 4:19 to the service diagnostic mode. This will let you run through all of the tests and see what component may be failing. The main components you want to check are
1) Test #1 standard compressor test 2) #2 Defrost heater test 3) Test # condenser motor 4 Test #38 compressor 5) Test #30 Thermistor 6) Test #33 Ambient Thermistor 7) Test #15 evaporator fan motor . If you run these tests you will find out why the freezer section is not cooling.

  • The unit I have doesn’t have the service diagnostic mode. The information you sent me is for a newer model. Really for what I paid the best you can come up with is, it can be a lot of things.
  • Your unit should be the same style as the service manual in the link. To enter diagnostic mode you have to press the freezer up and down arrows. From there you can run tests to see what is wrong. Did you get any error codes from the unit? If the freezer temp is good but not the ff section then you are not getting air flow from the freezer to the frige. Make sure your evaporator fan is running and air damper opening. If so see if you have heavy frost build up on the evaporator. If so this is blocking your air flow and is because the unit is not self defrosting. You will then need to test your heater and bimetal.
  • Saw that its the frige working but not the freezer. Check your frost pattern on the evaporator see if it is even. Sounds like you might have sealed system failure. A refrigerant leak in the system. You will find a ball of ice on the evaporator or a very uneven pattern if this is the case. Make sure your compressor is running.
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