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The washer will try to shift to agitate but seems to get stuck.
It will not let me enter diagnostics so I can check the error code. What is the trick?
Is this the actuator or the motor?
Does this motor have a built in clutch or can it be charged? This is a Frigidaire

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I changed the infinite switch and it did the same thing.
If I begin on low it will heat and cut off but will not come back on even after 10 minutes. If I turn it off and then back on it repeats the same cycle. It will stay on high. If I set it on 3 or 4 it does the same.
Can this be the sensor in the burner?
How does it work?
It doesn’t matter if I use the single or dual settings.

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All the dryer does is flash pause. It won’t even let me cancel. Therefore I can’t retrieve errors or run the service mode. The door switch tests good.
Can a bad door switch or thermal cut off or another bad part forbid me to extract the codes or even enter diagnostics?

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I have changed the water valve and it still freezes up. I have ran the diagnostics and the ice room temperature sensor is good, showing 3 degrees. The icemaker test is good. When I de ice the fill tube it will work and make ice for less than a day then refreeze.
It has done this 3 times.

The first time I found it froze and tried to run the diagnostics it would not work until I unplugged it and restarted it then it was ok.
What is causing this problem. The FILTER is good and so is the water pressure.
Is there a service bulletin on this or some other issue?
Or what?

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This is a French door refrigerator. The ice room drain freezes up and the air vents fill with water and freeze.
Has frigidaire ever found a sure fix?

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The Door switch is good and if I unplug the interface then plug it back in it will clear for 15 second but still won’t respont to any commands. The power has been turned off for several minutes and makes no difference.

The tech sheet does not show any error codes. Do the 3 blinking led’s mean any thing. IF so , what?
Is there a manual for this.

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The temperature in the freezer is 49. The refrigerator is 59. The temperatures are set at -6 and 33. I unplugged the main board and plugged it back in and the compressor and condenser fan started but quit later. Have you seen this before and is it the main board?

I need a service manual for this model also.

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Late ignition 2 to 3 times during hour bake time
Frigidaire service says wrong ignitor or too high of amperage at intro. Smell gas at these times.

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Refrigerator working but all displays go blank at times. Than ice and water dispenser stops working. It only starts up after being unplugged. At these times the cooling still works. Replaced the main board. Problem persists

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having an error code CE and SY -Power failure alarm keeps beeping. It beeps and in few min. go quite again. -Front and Side Panel – indicator light is out

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I had to disconnect the door switch to stop it from dispensing ice and clogging the ice shoot and filling the freezer. Is this the main board or do I need to change both it and the interface board or something else? Is there any videos or repair help answers. I couldn’t find anything. I’ve been trying to use the other resources and the premium videows and manual but couldn’t find any thing. If there is a way to navigate the site to find such things could you show me?

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I have a frigidaire refrigerator that I’m working, at first it was completely dead. Since I’ve been working on it I have changed out the mother board, the temperature control board, the thermostat, and start device and capacitor. Now I have power going through the unit. The compressor turns on the condenser fan runs and I see a reading on the temperature display. The down fall is after 10 seconds the lights in the fridge start flashing and around 40-50 seconds the compressor shuts off. What could be the cause of this? The only 3 things I haven’t replaced is the thermistor compressor and evap fan.

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how to put in defrost mode in fresh food ice room? ice room evaporator keeps icing up

  • joeski1369 asked 10 months ago
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How do I check to see if something is caught between the tubs on a stackable?

  • zakball asked 10 months ago
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The ambient temperature is 98. The refrigerator temperature is 53 and the freezer temperature is 40. When I arrived the unit was off. When I ran the diagnostic tests every thing would worked. The ambient temperature sensor showed 98. The freezer sensor showed 44 and the freshfood sensor showed 55. Is this the main board or something else? I also need the correct technical sheet and any video’s.

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-The freezer temp seems to be about on point but the fresh food is displaying 24 and when i put my thermal gun in their it was pretty low around 15 on the walls
-I tested the upper damper and it seems to be opening and closing fine (I did not crack the fridge open to see it but put my hand over it to feel and heard it open and close from diagnostic manuals forced damper test mode)
-Checked on the lower damper near the express meat thaw drawer its closed and fan is not turned on
-Tested all the sensors with the old main board installed and the new board i had on me all sensors read “P” which means PASSED test.
-Ran every single test mode everything seemed to check out fine
-Did the forced electronic reset in the test modes, And unplugged for 5 minutes, Nothing changed.

….Running out of ideas. Its either the upper damper not fully closing, lower damper or something else maybe display panel? unlikely its the display but IDK..??
Please give me an input you guys have more experience im sure i already have all the diagnostic manuals..

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All others work. I need a tech sheet or service manual with the ribbon interface test for the console so I can diagnosethe problem.

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Ice maker not making ice, I replaced ice maker, ice maker fan and ice maker defrost limit, I can’t get the fan to run. the ice maker will fill with water but will not freeze. it will cycle but will not freeze so it dumps water. the ice evaporator is working not frosted up. I think it will work if the fan would run.

  • earl asked 1 year ago
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The problem with the refrigerator is that the evaporator fan motor is not working because it does not reach 120 volts. When you check with the voltmeter the voltage that reaches you is around 22 volts. I Check the electrical diagram that is located on the bottom of the refrigerator and the 120 volts leaves the Beta Control terminal J1-6 and also indicates on a “Beta Codes” that has the refrigerator by
example, the first one indicates “2” Flashing- Open Thermistor. Ok, what I want to know is how to provoke the exercise so that the refrigerator makes the self-diagnostic. I already checked the 2 sensors and they gave me around 8 and 9 ohms and I gave them heat with a blower and both sensors changed from ohms to 3 y 4 ohms.

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If no video, anything you may have to help me figure out how to break down this dryer would be greatly appreciated.

  • Quick asked 1 year ago
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During heavy wash cycle at about 6-7 minute mark water will come out of overflow on right side of dishwasher. Can’t see where water coming from. All seals good and washing normal but for some reason water leaking thru overflow.

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ice maker diagnostics

  • shawn asked 1 year ago
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Not cooling well at first. Customer moved the food and noticed that later unit began to cool better, it began to cool better without ever unplugging the unit. I asked if she heard any noises or humming that she had not heard before and she did not. The only thing she noticed was that water was leaking on the floor beneath the freezer door. She also noticed a sheet of ice on the bottom mount freezer floor. Sounds like it could be defrost issues and possibly a clogged drain in the freezer.
This is what I would like to know from you:

1) How to disassemble the unit to access the Bi metal defrost, damper and evap fan, bottom mount door removal etc. Have you folks posted a video on how to disassemble this unit? If so how can see it.

2) I downloaded the tech sheet from the Frigidaire website and in several places it refers to “See Service Manual for complete description.”. Can you please send me, NOT THE TECH SHEET, but the service manual that they reference on the tech sheet.

3) Any observations you have about the unit.

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Frigidaire combo laundry system, model FFLE3911QW0 stopped and I retrieved error code EC6. The entry from the tech sheet is pasted below. How should I troubleshoot this, or what are the likely causes of this?

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Try star and show open door i replece the diir swicht and nothing happen any idea

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I have a Frigidaire Model FFHS2622MSVA. The ice maker no longer will make ice. When I watch the inside of the freezer, it appears that the ice dispensing unit still goes through the cycle, there just is not any cubes for it to dump out. I thought it might be the main water valve, however, the water dispensing unit on the fridge still works great. Any suggestions?

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This is the first time I have seen this one. It was frozen and about to over flow so the ice maker could not harvest the cubes till I removed it and emptied it then it went through the cycle. I like the test switch. I ran it through 2 times but the customer called and said it only make one batch of cubes. Is there any electronics in this ice maker that make diagnosis tricky?

Any training advice would be appreciated. I watched the Appliance video but I was wondering about any valve issues or diadodes could cause this?

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The microwave blowing fuse, I was testing the switches I found the normally closed one is no good, I changed the switch.
The microwave worked perfectly at that time, now when opened the door again, the fuse blowed up again. Now I need help on what I should do and what is the problem.
Thank you.

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