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This client of ours is re-reporting their side-by-side refrigerator refrigerator keeps going into overheat and displays that on the front display. Resident and unplugged it and turns it back on and it’s working properly. This continues to happen more and more for our resident. Is there a part that I need to replace to prevent this, every time I go there, the refrigerator is working properly.

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My load began washing, and during the wash cycle, maybe 5 minutes in, the E3 Code went off. Now my washer is full of water, and I can’t get it to go past this error code.
Is there a way to make it drain without the lid closed? My washer is full of water and won’t do anything because it thinks the lid is open.
I watched your video on how to change the switch, but I don’t want to let water sit in my washer for a week until the part comes in.
Is there a way to override the system so I can at least drain the water?

Thank you,

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Could this be a mainboard issue?
Bake relay P7 Yellow and P2 Black 120 ac when the oven is off and 0 ac when it is on.
Broil element K2 relay also 120 ac when the oven is off.

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The broil and bake igniters are not turning on.
The oven chimes when I switch it to bake or broil but the igniters do not glow hot. Could the main circuit board go out? This is a very popular oven and brand. I could not find it on your website. When will you have a video on this range?

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