This client of ours is re-reporting their side-by-side refrigerator refrigerator keeps going into overheat and displays that on the front display. Resident and unplugged it and turns it back on and it’s working properly. This continues to happen more and more for our resident. Is there a part that I need to replace to prevent this, every time I go there, the refrigerator is working properly.

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Clean condenser coils. Attempted diagnostics. No errors.

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See service manual.


Can you explain the exact error code you are getting on the display.

  • It shows overheat in red digits. Unfortunately, I do not have a picture at this time or I would attach.
  • The overheat error is normally means its a high temperature error either in the fresh food compartment or the freezer compartment. I am attaching the service manual that covers your model. Go to page #20 and run it through diagnostics. That will bring up any stored error codes. There are many possibilities that could cause this issue. When they are unplugging the unit it is resetting the control board. Is the unit cooling properly in both sections ? Or are you just getting the error code?
  • Both sides are cooling properly. They state that they reset it by unplugging the unit. They say that it shut down with overheat error it doesn’t start back up by itself. It has to be unplugged for to reset. My question is, why does it keep going into this overheat error so frequently. Resident says it happens frequently. I will attempt to run diagnostics again. See if there’s any more information on the error code.
  • 1) What is the unit apartment / house temperature. 2) Is the unit built into a tight area without ventilation? 3) Is the unit 3-6 inches away from the back wall when the unit is pushed in? 4) Is the condenser fan motor running at the proper speed? 5) If all of these checks out run it through diagnostics, you may have a control board going bad.
  • All those seem normal, but I will double check and go down the list, and diagnostics again. All seems good and checked out. We will look into the control board. Thank you for your help with this and have a great weekend.
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