ERROR 14E. Both freezers on the bottom cooling, ice cubes frozen. Fresh food section on top warm costumer said it was cooling when they unplugged and re-plugged but now error code is back and not cooling. Freezer -2, fridge 34f but actually about 57f.

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Hi. 14 E appears to be an Ice maker error code. When power gets restored to these units they will run a self diagnostic mode and display any errors. This ice maker error does not seem related to the FF section not cooling. However the unit may not run until the error is cleared. FIrst, I would give the unit a good reset by unplugging for 15 mins or unplugging and shorting the plug terminals out to ground. The plug back in. I have attached the service manual on this unit for you. To clear the error codes enter into diagnostic mode and then exit. This will bring the unit back to normal running conditions and display the correct temperatures. I usually find it to be a glitch when these do not read the proper temps on the display. Hopefully resetting it will take care of it, but check in the diagnostic mode for any other error codes that it may have stored that could relate to the warm fresh food temps and proceed from there.

  • Is one compressor for the fresh food section and one compressor for both the freezers on the bottom OR one compressor for the fresh food section+ freezer and the other compressor for the second freezer? I’m thinking if it’s a leak? BOTH bottom freezers are frozen
  • This will have one compressor for the refrigerator and then the other compressor is for everything else. The 2 freezers and the ice box. The refrigerator system uses different type of refrigerant as well. In the manual I attached it shows this on a chart on page 10. Freezer / Cool Select Room / Ice Room : R-134a Fridge : R-600a The bottom right freezer compartment can be changed to either a freezer or a refrigerator. IT should be just a change of the setting on the User interface. When you say both freezers are frozen are you referring to both evaporators being iced up or temperatures in the freezers? If the evaporators are frozen up you may have a defrost issue. Depending on the frost pattern it could be a sealed system issue, but if your temperatures are normal I would not be thinking sealed system. You could have a leak in one system and not the other on this unit since the refrigerator sealed system is completely separate from the freezer sealed system.
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