Homeowner said that a technician came out previously because the display was blank and the technician the display board.
However when you put in the new board it displayed 555 on the freezer section and 999 on the refrigerator section.
Everything is working fine the unit is freezing and cooling however the buttons on the panel are not functioning.
Meaning I cannot change the temperature to anything I cannot shut the unit off besides for unplugging the unit.
I did on plug unit for quite a few minutes hoping that it would reset the control but it did not it returns to the same display

Model Number

Hi. Sounds like it may be in a diagnostic mode. I have seen resetting the unit work. Did you leave it unplugged for 5 mins? You could also try to exit and or enter the diagnostic mode to clear it. I have attached the service manual for you take a look at page 33 for diagnostic information.

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