SAMSUNG WASHER SERIAL #Y69Q5AEC803568N manufactured august 2012. pump upgrade kit Dc98-01877a – does anyone have (can get) instructions for this kit?

Model Number

Samsung Drain Pump Relocation Kit
To improve quality Samsung has relocated the drain pump assembly from the bottom of the tub to the base of the washer on certain model numbers and production dates. Previously these washers used part number DC97-16985A for the drain pump but this pump has been discontinued and replaced with one of the two service kits part # DC98-01877A or DC98-01877B depending on the model number and manufacture date of the washer. First locate your model and serial number tag on the washing machine. This tag is located on the top back console of the washer, and it will list the model number, serial number, and manufacture date. The manufacture date is listed in the format of YYYY.MM (ex: 2012.06). Below is an example model and serial number tag to show where the manufacture date is located.
When the drain pump fails it can cause water to leak from the pump or it can cause the water not to drain out of the washing machine.

If you need to order one of the drain pump kits, you can click one of the links in the the above chart, or one of the links below. Parts Dr always has the lowest prices on OEM appliances parts.

Drain Pump Kit – PD00004957 (MFG# DC98-01877B)

Models WA400PJHDWR/AA & WA422PRHDWR/AA manufactured before 12/9/2012.

Drain Pump Kit – PD00004977 (MFG# DC98-01877A)

Models WA456DRHDSU/AA & WA456DRHDWR/AA manufactured before 12/9/2012.
Before working on your appliance, make sure that it is unplugged. Below are step by step instructions on how to install the new drain pump kit.

Pump Instructions 1

Pump Instructions 2
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