Dishwasher fills and runs for a while, then stops mid cycle with an E17 error.

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Checked the water level and it appeared normal. It was not close to approaching the bottom of the door. Tried cutting back on the water flow by partially closing the valve under the sink, and it did not help.

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If your Bosch dishwasher is suddenly displaying an E17 error code, it is most likely related to a problem with the water level in the machine being too high.When water enters the sump it passes through a float chamber, if the level in the machine causes this float to raise up it indicates excess water and will operate the flood function and start running the pump. This can occur if the pipe from the float chamber is restricted from grease build up. If the dishwasher is overflowing with water or showing this error Inspect the tube for obstructions as it may cause the dishwasher to overfill with water. Remove any gunk and run a test wash.
If the problem still persists, check the float and switch is operating correctly and replace the float switch if required. We could not find any further information for your exact model . I have attached a service manual and also a video on float switch replacement.

  • I know exactly what you’re talking about, except this particular model does not seem to have any float chamber or float jug system as described in the general manual. That’s what makes this so perplexing. See the parts diagram. There is a “fill funnel” but it contains no floats and no electrical connections at all. There doesn’t seem to be any pressure switch or flow meter either. It looks like there is one float in the base and that’s the only float in the whole unit. I don’t know what component could be triggering the fault. It isn’t overfilling, and I don’t remember the drain pump kicking on in mid-cycle. Am I missing something? Tom
  • Please check the following: – Is the Inlet pipe kinked at the back? If it is – straighten it. It is always best to test the machine while moved out of a cabinet space (if built under), as sometimes when positioned under a counter top etc, it can kink the pipes as it is moved backwards. – Makes sure the filter between the Inlet pipe and machine is cleaned, and water can flow through without obstruction. * In some cases the inlet valve will be built into the Inlet hose (Called an Aquastop hose), these have a filter on the tap side. If all this checks out then you may have a communication error in your Dishwasher control module (Part # 12008382). Unfortunately parts lookup shows this as a no longer available/discontinued part if that is the issue.
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