Oven works but no burners on top do. Are they controled by the oven control somehow or what else could cause all of them to quit?

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HI. The burners are not controlled by the control board. Power for the switches does not go through the board. You will only have the burner switches and the burners with the wire in between. L1 and L2 run through each switch from one another, so you could have a faulty wire somewhere that could cause them all to stop. I would be looking for damaged wiring first. You can check each burner element for continuity and also your switches if it comes down to it. Each burner also has a temperature limit switch built into them. This is basically a fuse that will trip if temperature gets too high at the burner. Strange to have them all go at once though. You can make sure you have 240 going to your burners. If the oven works we know the unit must be getting 240V so it would come back to a wiring issue. Check your terminal block where the power cord attaches to the unit for damaged wiring as well. I have attached the tech sheet for you.

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