In this particular unit, when I first arrived , the bake TCO was bad. I replaced the TCO and the oven part itself worked great. However, the convection fan will turn on then turn off with the clicking of a relay for something. I did find out that the convection element is bad as well. My main concern is, why does the convection fan turn off and on like it is doing? I have never seen a convection fan do this. I have replaced the convection board on this unit as of today, and it still does this. Is this maybe a faulty main board, or will it stop when I put in the new convection element?

Model Number

Se the technician manual link below. Then look on page #38 you will see the times for the convection bake element and fan assembly.
Settings for convection fan :
1) Convection Roast – Fan runs all of the time.
2) Convection Multi-Rack – Fan runs 40 seconds shuts off for 10 seconds
3) Convection Single rack – Fan runs counter- clockwise 3- minutes shuts off for 10 seconds the runs clockwise 3- min
4) Proof setting – Runs counter- clockwise 1- minute off 10 seconds

This may be running normal so make sure you verify the manual before replacing parts . Matt Ace technician

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