Hello this specific issue is on a Kenmore dryer 796.81172210. The cooling light stays on and there is no heat. I have replaced heater which solved the heat issue but my question is why is the cooling light staying on??

I have experienced this issue many times in Samsung dryer especially once it’s fixed the heaters on and the light stays on after repair Any thought to why this is?

Is there a self diagnostic mode. If so please explaine how to use it.

Model Number
What have you tried so far?

Replaced heater.
Also held power and another button and it gave a 15 sec count down with a dial up tone

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See the service manual link for your series below. There is a self diagnostic mode for this in the manual on page #18. Have you tried disconnecting power to the unit for 10 minutes to rest the board ? All other diagnostics are in the manual.

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