The units evaporator was frozen. I cleaned evap and replaced the adc control. It had the old 1st generation so i replaced the new wiring for the orange adc now the damper is running all the time. I did notice the fresh food thermostat had three wires new wiring harness has two. When i installed i had the freezer thermostat off. first i turn the fresh thermo on fan came on and damper, then i turn fresh food control off fan turn off just like it is supposed and the damper motor kept running

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replaced adc and switch on damper motor

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Hi. It sounds like you may have wired the damper wrong. Only one the the switches of the damper will be used with the new harness. The new harness only has one plug for the switch and you need to install it on the correct switch. I have attached a repair video on this. At 5:20 in the video it shows which switch to plug the harness on to. This should be the issue if you did not have this issue prior to installing the new ADC kit.

  • I used the switch next to the foam and not next to the motor I also replaced the switch next to the foam this is the one they said use. that did not make a difference. I also did not know why the freezer control had three wires not counting the ground
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