I have a Crosley washer. I have searched and searched and cannot find the model number. By appearance, I believe it is a CAW9244XQ4 . When you push the start button, nothing happens.

Here is the timeline of the failure:
– for about 1 week, when you pushed the start button, the light would come on for sensing and it would do nothing. If you held the start button to cancel, and hit start again, it would eventually finish the sensing and wash the load.
– for about 2 weeks, when you pushed the start button, the light would come on for sensing but it would not run. No matter if you cancelled the load or unplugged it, it would never continue on and run.
– currently, nothing happens when you hit the start button. No lights come on.

I saw this video on youtube:
When I followed the key sequence, the washer went into diagnostics mode. I could select the same setting in the video, but it did not solve my problem.

How do I get instructions to all the testing and functions in the diagnostics mode?

Model Number
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Your model number should be located on the top panel beneath the lid when you open it.
As far as the tech guide goes. The manufacturer doesn’t supply it for the customer, but it is “hidden” on your machine. To access it you will need to remove 3 screws and 1 small panel from the rear of the machine. There is a bracket that goes from your back panel of the machine to the control panel. You need to remove the 2 1/4″ screws that secure the top of the machine to those brackets. Next there is a small panel (roughly 3×5) held in place by one 1/4″ screw. Once these are removed you can grasp the top panel and gently slide it forward and backward while gently lifting up. Once up you will find the tech guide inside the front panel.

I hope this helps

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