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Problem when spinning make a lot noise whirlpool washer

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Customer complaint before arrival is washer will not spin the clothes out at the end of the cycle. Homeowner did advise that it will only work on bulky cycle technician arrived. Had an F5 E2 code door lock assembly error. We replace that unit is still not spinning out on any other cycle, except for bulky, when we came back out, we went to retrieve the error codes and there was none in there ran a cycle on normal and it does not spin out the clothes. You can turn it to drain and spin and it will spin out the clothes properly also, the drain is working properly too , not quite sure where to go with this any help would be appreciated Please email me if you need more information or need anything. Thank you, Daniel Woods.

  • dwoods asked 3 months ago
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I have a service call tomorrow for a refrigerator not dispensing ice. It does dispense water, icemaker is making ice the only issue customer said is not dispensing ice.

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My technician changed two infinite switches on a radiant cooktop.

The part that was changed is 700855K. Issue is that the two right side burners, after connection, control each other’s heat level. Burners turn on independently and the issue with heat control is only applicable if both burners are operating simultaneously.

Could you provide guidance on proper wiring instructions for these switches? My thought is that the technician did the wiring incorrectly. The old switch for reference is part# 203147. The confusion lies in a difference for terminal markings between the old switch (203147) and new switch (700855K).

I’m the owner, but not a technician. Please let me know if there is a bulletin or supporting document for the issue.

Thank you,
Greg Bahry

  • gregoryb7 asked 5 months ago
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I have a 10 Year old Speed Queen dryer. I watched your video for replacing the timer a D517560 but my dryer does not have the connectors it just has the separate wires with the little clips on the end. Where do the 2 black wires from – it looks like the timer go. One goes to the T connector but I need to know where the other one terminates.

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Wondering does the air flow Tower need to be changed or just the evaporator fan motor. Is there another motor that needs to be changed as the condenser fan motor is spinning and working in the back of the refrigerator. Just checking to ensure this refrigerator only has one evaporator fan as it seems just to send the air through the air flow Tower

  • GeekJames asked 6 months ago
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Freezer evaporator has frosted. Evaporator fan ok. How is the defrost heater controlled?

  • Pancakes asked 9 months ago
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The dispenser pump motor runs but it’s not measuring and adding the soap.
The blue soap dispenser is in it’s proper place. How do I check if the dispenser pump is pumping?
I’m referring to the w10842325 dispenser and pump assembly.
Could the hoses be clogged?
Please explain In as much detail as you can.
I notice when i run the diagnostics that though that small pump motor runs it doesn’t turn on the water valve. I suppose that the water it pumps into the dispenser comes through the mixing valve.

  • Pancakes asked 10 months ago
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The refrigerator is cooling but the freezer is not reaching the correct temperature (cooling but not freezing). There is ice build up on the right side of the evaporator coil (not on the evaporator itself). Both fans are running (condenser and evaporator).

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To whom it may concern,
I have a whirlpool WRF757SDEM refrigerator that recently has a loud noise coming that appears to be coming from the top section. Last year I replaced the evaporator fan and thermostat as the unit has frozen up and stopped cooling. After that fan was replaced the unit was very quit and running normally.
Recently ( past 3 days) it has gotten very loud at times with a slight vibration. At times, the sound is very loud, but then it gets quieter; almost to normal levels.
The top unit is cold and maintains temperature, there isn’t any issue making ice and everything is cold and frozen in the freezer.
I am wondering if its an issue with the evaporator fan and if that needs to be replaced again.
Any and all assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Kindest regards,

  • toot033 asked 12 months ago
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