My customer called about her kitchen sink being clogged. And when the dishwasher drained it just added to the drainage problem.

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I unplugged the drain. But when I turned the dishwasher on, all it did was drain. So, I opened the bottom panel and to my surprise the 2 pieces of insulation were soaked. Apparently it overflowed out the front and water went underneath. I looked for the floats witch, to see if it was stuck. But I couldn’t find it. So I pulled it out, and looked everywhere for it. But no luck. I partially removed the bottom plastic compartment to see if it was in there. No luck
1. If the machine is stuck in the drain mode, am I looking in the right direction for the fix?
2. Where is this float switch, that I can’t find?

Thanks as always Bob


The float switch is 410,411, and 427 on the part diagram I attached for you. With the unit stuck in drain mode, did it drain all of the water out? This float switch does turn the drain pump on when it recognizes too much water in the tank so you should be going in the right direction. I have attached the service manual on this unit as well to assist you.

  • Yes it did drain, but when it was empty, it kept running. Because the drain was clogged it overflowed down out of the front of the machine, onto the floor. I did some internet search on this model. But the information that came up “was not ” the same dishwasher. This one has a solid metal casing around it, and I couldn’t figure out how to remove it. Thank you
  • Thanks for the part diagram. Where do you guys get this stuff? Before I go to you for help, I try looking things up on the Internet. Anyway HOW do I gain access to the float switch? I did try to remove the bottom compartment of the dishwasher but it only partially dropped a little after removing 6 screws.
  • Your welcome! On page 32 of the Service guide, it explains how to remove the base. It does not show or explain how to remove the float. I assume you must remove the base if you do not see any other access point to it. We have a wide assortment of resources that we get our information from. Sears is one of the only places to get a parts break down for Bosch.
  • Thanks again Brian. I use Searspartsdirest for parts breakdown also. But the service guide that you sent to me is GREAT. Bob
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