Customer replaced water filter, then valve. Still leaking from dispenser.

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Replaced valve and water filter

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HI. DId the cust replace the supply valve or the water inlet valve of the refrigerator? Make sure the water filter is seated properly. Any air leaks in the system can cause the dispenser to drip. Make sure there are no holes or loose connections in the water line system. Check for a connection under the door hinge cover for the water line. Make sure this connection is good. I have seen these cause the water dispenser to drip. Alos, make sure the water is dripping from the water line at the dispenser and not from the ice chute door. Some ice could get into the chute or the chute could not be sealing properly causing a water leak. Also slow water pressure to the unit could cause a drip as well.

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    • 6 years ago
    After I replaced the fill valve and ran a gal of water, it continued to leak after every use, only leaks for about 10 sec. Then customer told he has noticed that when the ice maker fills, it leaks from the water disp tube.
  • It doesn’t make sense for the dispenser to leak when the icemaker fills. Anytime you use the dispenser its going to drip a few times when its done. This is normal. How bad is it leaking for the 10 seconds or so after use? Dose it drip or pour?
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