I replaced the thermal fuse a week ago and the customer tells me that it blew again. What is causing this to happen?
1. I replaced the dryer vent hose the last time that I was there.
2. I cleaned the inside of the dryer as well.
3. I checked the flappers outside and it is working.

Model Number
Serial Number
What have you tried so far?

Replaced hose
Cleaned inside of the dryer
Checked flappers for operation. Ok


How long is the vent ? How many 90 degree and 45 degree fittings do you have ? If the outside vent flap is opening that is not 100% confirmation of proper air movement to eliminate thermal fuse from opening . If it is a short vent with no 90/45 degree fittings and you feel great air flow I would put on a cycle thermostat. If you have a long vent, pull out the dryer and put on a thermal fuse and put on the ProFlex Indoor Dryer Vent Kit for two weeks to verify it is a vent issue. This will bypass the vent completely and confirm you have no other issues after two weeks. Then either clean the vent or refer to a vent cleaning specialists. This is an easy way of process of elimination for $10.00 and you can keep it for future use of the same issue. See the link below for Proflex. Matt Ace technician

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