I need service diagnostic information. Any videos? Any tips on this one?

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Hi. I have attached the tech sheet for you. No service manual found at this time. Is the frost build up due to the unit not self defrosting? This will block air flow to the refrigerator. Is the evap fan running? Are you getting air flow to the ff section? You may have a defrost component that failed. You have the heater, bi-metal and or sensor, and the control for you defrost system. You can manual test the defrost components by jumping the correct two terminal on the control board with a jumper wire. If you your heater and bi metal are good the heat will turn on.


Can you double check this model number you set #PFCSJYCSS . We cannot find this in our system. Thanks

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    • 5 years ago
    PFCS1PJYCSS IS THE model number
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