I have a French door whirlpool fridge that the freezer is not cooling at all. Fresh food section is fine. There is no frost on the evaporator coil. Compressor is running to cool fresh food section.

Model Number
What have you tried so far?

I have changed the evap fan motor harness part # w10514110. Still nothing. Is this a board issue? If so it says I have to call whirlpool to get correct number. Can you help?


If you have the technician sheet put the 3-way refrigerant into the test 4 . Wait 30 minutes to see if you have a frost pattern on the freezer coil. That will put the valve into the neutral position and the valve if working properly will feed feed both evaporators. So you either have a defective three way valve or a sealed system issue, meaning low refrigerant charge or defective compressor. In most cases we 95% of the time we find that is a sealed system.


I have a few questions to give you the best possible answers to correctly fix the problem.
1) You say the compressor is cool, is the compressor running ? Can you check amprege to the compressor to verify it is running ?
2) If the compressor is running do you have a frost pattern on the evaporator ? You must have an even frost pattern across the evaporator if the compressor is running .
If you only have a partial frost pattern or no frost on the evaporator you have a sealed system leak or a bad suction valve in your compressor. If you have no amprege to your compressor that is telling us the compressor is not running and you need to check and see if you have 115 volts to the compressor. If you do not you may have a main control board not sending power down to the overload and relay. Here is a prats link below. Let us know what you find Matt Ace technician .

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    • 7 years ago
    The evaporator coil in fresh food is frosted. The evaporator coil in freezer has no frost at all. The compressor is running. Only things not working is freezer.
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