Keeps getting F28 Error Code. Sometimes it finishes a cycle and sometimes not and comes up with F28.

Model Number
What have you tried so far?

Looked for loose cable and loose ground.


On the new model Duet washers, this same error has been re-labelled as F-28. On some Maytag front loaders you may see AF6E2 fault code , which is a communications error between the CCU and the User Interface (UI) boards. Our technicians that service over 16 thousand service calls per year almost never see it caused by a bad circuit board. Instead, they are exactly as the error code description says: a communication error between two boards. In other words, a bad harness or terminal connection. Washing machines are subjected to a lot of vibration, humidity, heat, moisture,. Sometimes loose connections at a molex connector on a wire harness or an oxidized pad on the control board will disrupt the signal to the boards. It doesn’t even need to be a totally broken connection, just one with low enough signal-to-noise ratio that the CCU can’t tell which is signal and which is noise.The harness itself can check good. That’s not usually the problem. The problem is at the harness connection points where the molex connector on the harness connects to the boards at either end. The tines can become loose or the pads on the board may become oxidized. Our technicians go to each terminal on the harness with a Scratch Awl. We tighten each harness terminal by pushing the pointed end to the harness in reverse direction to the board connection. So you push the terminal towards the connection to board to make a tight connection. We find 95% of the time the F-28 error code goes away without any board replacement.

Thanks Sean Ace technician

  • If a loose connection is not the issue, then you could be looking at replacing the MCU or CCU. There is no good way to determine which board is at fault at this point. I will usually replace the CCU if I get basket movement, since this means the motor is running. If not I replace the CCU first. Here is what the tech sheet says about this issue. SERIAL COMMUNICATION ERROR The communication between the Central Control Unit (CCU) and the Motor Control Unit (MCU) cannot be sent correctly. Possible Causes/Procedure 1. Unplug washer or disconnect power. 2. Check wire harness connections to the MCU, the motor, and Central Control Unit (CCU). – Check connections of the CCU board within the housing. – Make sure all grounding switches are engaged. 3. Check that the serial harness at the MCU is not mounted upside down. The wires should be to the left when facing the MCU connectors. 4. Check the drive system for any worn or failed components. 5. Plug in washer or reconnect power. 6. Verify CCU operation by running a Diagnostic Test or any cycle. 7. Check door switch system. (See checklist for F26 and F29). The door switch may cause interference for the power supply of the MCU.
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