This code says cooling fan speed too low or won’t come on. Do you have a video on this one and a service manual and any tips?

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F8E0 is a Cooling Fan Speed Too Low Fan speed below 500 rpm, either because the fan is
spinning too slowly or because there is a problem with the Hall Effect sensor. See complete diagnostics link below. Matt Ace technician

1) Unplug range or disconnect power.
2. Pull the range forward and remove the top access cover.
3. Verify there are no obstructions in the blower. If there is an
obstruction, remove it and go to Step 6. If no obstructions, go to
Step 4.
4. Disconnect control board connector P5 and check the fan motor
for 105Ω resistance between P5-1 and P6-3. If the motor test is
not good, replace motor and go to Step 6. If motor tests good,
go to Step 5.
5. Check the Hall Sensor by removing the control board P7
connector and testing for 5 VDC between P7-7 and P7-1. If test
is good, go to Step 6. If test results are not correct, replace the
Hall Sensor.
6. Replace all parts and panels before operating.
7. Plug in range or reconnect power.
8. Start a cook cycle and check for proper operation.
9. Enter the diagnostic mode to view the “Faults” screen. Press
START TIME or DELAY START to clear each Fault code(s)

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