Since you guys work on refrigerators every day and are factory authorized repair technicians, what is the best washer to buy in 2019?

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Customers always ask us as factory trained technicians, what refrigerator do you work on the least. There are a few things to look at when answering that question and purchasing a new major appliance like a Washer . Normally the washers we work on the least are the ones that are not popular or marketed heavily. If a manufacturer comes out with a new product line that has a unique feature, they can spend millions of dollars marketing that product on T.V., Trade shows and many other forms of media. In return sell many of these products even if they have product defects. We have created and surveyed the top five questions by our 17- factory authorized technicians.

1) Are parts readily available if the washer breaks down?
2) How long does it take for parts to get to the dealer to repair your washer?
3) If the parts are available, how much do they cost. Are they on the high end or low end of the market?
4) How many company’s provide factory authorized service for the product?
5) Does the manufacturer provide quality customer service?

If technicians cannot get parts quickly or have them as stock on their trucks it can upset a customer. Some manufactures must ship the parts from overseas and it can take up to six weeks to get your washer repaired. Some manufactures can sell the refrigerator at a low cost but hit you on the back end when you need it repaired. We have seen the same part for different manufactures cost up to 200% more for the same item. If the manufacturer does not pay the servicing company that does warranty work a fair rate, customers can wait up to 4-6 weeks to get a service company out on a new product under one year old. You need to be able to contact the manufacturer if you have a new item you are not happy with. Some manufactures have horrible customer service, you just do not get anywhere, and most customers give up.
So, with the complete analysis of all the manufactures on the market today, we found Whirlpool to rate the highest in all the five questions surveyed by out factory technicians.

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