What I see is that the refrigerator section is set for 38 degrees but is sitting at about 51 degrees. The freezer is below 10 degrees or so. (my thermometer doesn’t go low enough to read below 10)

The blower behind the ice maker appears to be intended to draw cold air up into the refrigerator section. It will cycle on for a few seconds and blows cold air, but does not stay on. The control damper stays in the position to provide cold air to the refrigerator.

The ice maker is not attempting to make ice. The ice maker area was sitting at about 17 degrees when I checked it. (It was the first symptom I noticed, before I realized the fridge area was not at the right temp.

I have an electronics background, but I don’t know how this things is supposed to work so I’m sort of working blind on it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

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Jason, it sounds like you may have a part of your defrost system going bad. Do you have a light layer of frost on the back freezer wall? If so here is a video link below to show you how to check your defrost system.

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