I ran into my first side by side refrigerator issue that I couldn’t figure out. The customer complained that the freezer would work and then not work. It would freeze the items inside, then they would thaw out. The fridge runs fine, keeps the temperature always.
I opened the compressor cover, and checked the temps on the lines. They were all good. Of course, the freezer was working when I got there. But, I heard what sounded like the relay on the side of the compressor clicking a lot. I managed to pop the cover of, and by doing that, I noticed 2 things. #1 The wires going to the relay, before popping the cover off were very tight. After taking off the cover, I moved them around, sorta loosened them up. #2 The clicking stopped. I waited around for about 10 minutes or so, and didn’t here it any more. Strange I thought?
I wasn’t sure what to do next. I put my thermometer inside the freezer. It remained below “0”. And told the customer to keep an eye on the temp of the freezer from time to time, and that I would have to do some homework on this, before I do anything else.
So, I am all out of ideas on WHY the freezer did this? Please help me.
Thank yo

Model Number
What have you tried so far?

Popped open the cover to the relay on the compressor. And put a thermometer in the freezer.


HI. The clicking you heard could be the start device( overload and relay) for the compressor going out. The compressor will try to start but just hums and then you will hear a click. This can be caused by bad start components or if the compressor is overheating, either from a condenser fan motor not running or dirty condenser coils. The only other thing that I am thinking could be at fault is the thermostat. I just had the same thing happen on this same thermostat in a side by side the other day. They said temps were not correct. I went out and everything was running perfect. They called a couple days later and when I got there the unit was very warm and not running. I tapped on the thermostat and it came back on and started running. Take a look at the video I attached.

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