I have a customer with this Whirlpool bottom-mount refrigerator and the refrigerator compartment is getting too cold, colder than the setpoint on the control display. I had the homeowner turn the temperature up in the Ref compartment to 40°F but upon measuring it was hovering around 32°-33°F. What is regulating the temperature? Help me out, I need a service manual or a techsheet or something to figure this out. Thanks.

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Attempted replacing the sensor in the Ref. compartment, but it did not help.

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See the service bulletin below, I believe this could be your issue. Please let me know. Matt Ace technician.
If the Ice maker is not connected to water and the ice maker on/off switch is in the on position. Even though no water is supplied, the Ice maker continues to try to make ice which causes the Ice compartment temperature to remain at 15° F (-10° C). Over a long period of time combined with minimal entry into the refrigerator compartment, temperatures may gradually drop below the set temperature in the refrigerator compartment. To correct this issue shut off the ice maker on/off switch or connect ice maker to a water supply.If the ice maker is not connected to water, the ice maker must be shut off. Failure to do so may cause food in the refrigerator compartment to freeze.Other possibilities. In certain conditions, air leakage from the ice maker compartment may cause foods in the refrigerator section to freeze.If this happens order Ice Bin Cover Assembly and Air Damper Seal Service Kit, Part # W10295078. Follow the instructions supplied with the kit to install.

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