Fresh food side is not cooling well, it’s around 54 degrees. Freezer is ok. Put it to forced cooling and can see fan moving. Could it be board or sensor? How do I make sure? I need all the tips on how to find out or troubleshoot it. Thanks.

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Forced cooling and can see fresh food evap fan moving. Removed sensor and looks like board doesn’t recognize it that there’s a failure.

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I would run this through the diagnostic mode with the manual link below. It could be the start of a sealed system issue. Matt Ace technician

  • Sealed system issue? Just curiuos, what makes you say that? I replaced the thermistor and the board but it is still acting the same way. Freezer is fine though. The customer put the refrigerator at 34 and the display is reading 34. His thermometer that he put in there is reading 44 though. I’m thinking the fan is not spinning strong enough. It does spin when I put it in diagnostic mode but the fact it is not reaching temp and the display is picking up the set temp per the sensor makes me think it’s a fan problem. What do you think Matt or any Samsung expert out there?
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