Fresh food side sometimes cools and sometimes it does not. At the moment it is not cooling properly, with ice building up in the evaporator casing holes. Evaporator fan is working, although did not check the fan where the ice maker is (not sure if that will affect it).

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Only confirmed that the evaporator fan is working, although I was told that maybe the evaporator sometimes works and other times it does not.

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Hi. check on the bottom of the refrigerator, under the crisper drawer. See if there is ice or water build up. If so, you have a clogged drain tube and will need to let it thaw out and install the drain tube kit.P# DA82-01415A. If no ice or water then it sounds like your refrigerator section is not self defrosting. You will need to test to find out which part of the defrost system is faulty. In either scenario it is recommended that you replace the evaporator sensor as well. p # DA32-10104N. I have attached a video for the drain tube kit and the service manual for this unit.

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